CalCAP 2.0 Internships

CalCAP 2.0 Internships

Project Lead: Kira Stoll

Sponsor: Cal Climate Action Partnership (CalCAP), Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $9,000

Project Theme: Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Application Submission

Project Location

Status: Complete

Project Description: Cal CAP 2.0 will support three student climate-related internships. The work performed by the interns will be integral to 1) the campus setting its next greenhouse gas emissions target, 2) the next campus Climate Action Plan, and 3) to achieving the CalCAP education objectives.

Goals: As of 2007, Chancellor Birgeneau committed the campus to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2014. It is time for the campus to take its next steps towards reaching climate neutrality by setting a new interim reduction target for year 2020. In the upcoming year, CalCAP will work to set this new target through student-led research, and the campus will complete a new Climate Action Plan identifying the mitigation strategies required to meet this new goal.

Final Report