Student Internships for Jump-Starting the Office of Sustainability

Project Leads: Lisa McNeilly, Merrian Fuller, Lisa Mauro, & Kira Stoll

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $15,000

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Location

2008 Application Submission

Project Description: The UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability was formally launched in January 2008. This TGIF grant supported three student intern positions to focus on issues of sustainability in purchasing, metrics and transparency, and student involvement at UC Berkeley.

Goals: Develop a Green Purchasing Action Plan with metrics and concrete goals for purchasing sustainably. Focus on Sustainability Research and Assessment by collecting data for a campus sustainability plan and sustainability assessment update. Create a Campus Forum for Sustainability by developing tools for improved student group coordination and by coordinating website development for the Office of Sustainability. Assist in the general growth and development of the Office of Sustainability and assist UC Berkeley in reaching its Cal-CAP goals. Measure and record the reduction in carbon emissions from campus purchases that use the Green Purchasing Action Plan.

Final Report

Accomplishments Summary