UC Berkeley Campus Dashboard

Project Leads: Sam Borgeson & Omar Khan

Project Location

Berkeley Institute of the Environment

TGIF Grant: $76,750

Project Theme: Energy Conservation & Efficiency

2008 Application Submission

Project Description: This project developed a centralized database and website that aggregated a common and consistent set of resource consumption data (i.e. electricity, water, steam) for the UC Berkeley campus that is easily accessible for those interested in using or viewing the data. This data can be used to make recommendations for improving efficiency of the campus consumption of these resources. The data is updated and hosted through a web-based building dashboard.

Goals: Develop a standard for campus metrics that quantify the effectiveness of campus sustainability initiatives and create a tool to enable other projects to quantify their resource savings. Hold a campus competition that will reward creative uses of the data in support of campus sustainability goals. Promote the use of data for raising awareness of campus resource consumption, encouraging environmental behavior changes, setting baselines, and using the data for research and analysis. Reduce the personal hours required to monitor, measure, and standardize the campus consumption data. Assist UC Berkeley in reaching its Cal-CAP goals. Effectively reduce resource consumption by 5-20% for buildings with energy sub-metering.

Final Report

Final Poster

Accomplishments Summary

PLEASE NOTE: In 2012, UC Berkeley launched an official energy dashboard through the myPower program.