Cal Habitat Restoration Student Leadership Training

Project Leads: Tim Pine & Karl Hans

Student Interns: Tyler Grinberg, Katherine Blair, Courtney Hann, and David Pon

Sponsor: Environment, Health & Safety

TGIF Grant: $17,000

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration & Native Landscaping

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: This project will continue and expand a highly successful 2009 CACS Grant funded pilot program to train a corps of Cal students to lead habitat restoration activities on University owned-space. The project will expand efforts occurring in the Strawberry Creek and Claremont Creek watersheds, University Village, the Codornices Watershed, and the Richmond Field Station.

Goals: Provide hands-on environmental education in transferrable habitat restoration and leadership skills to UC Berkeley students. Reverse biodiversity loss by establishing sustainable grounds maintenance that promotes wildlife habitat, healthy water quality, education opportunities, and aesthetic appreciation. Hire a full time Student Program Coordinator and recruit other students for participation in the Cal Habitat Restoration Student Leadership Training. Schedule and recruit volunteers for restoration events by working with campus departments and academic classes. Promote habitat restoration work as a model for other universities and local natural areas. Work with the 2008 TGIF Grant Winner Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery & Garden to plant native plants and remove invasive species in the Strawberry Creek watershed. Measure and record number of student leaders trained, restoration events held, participants and organizations, total area cleared of invasive species, estimated volume of vegetation removed, list of species removed, and number of species planted. Contribute information to the Strawberry Creek Management Plan.

Final Poster

Accomplishments Summary