Mobilizing Sustainability at Berkeley - The Greening Operations (GO!) Team

Project Leads: Farah Ereiqat, Claire Evans, Anna Szrendenyi, Sruti Barat, Krishna Kalpathy, Elizabeth Vissars

Sponsor: Building Sustainability at Cal

TGIF Grant: $8,800

Project Theme: Waste Reduction & Diversion

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: Greening Operations (GO!) Team is a subset of Building Sustainability at Cal. This project funds student interns, or GO! Team Members, to provide UC Berkley with green event assistance, energy and waste audits, and energy and waste reduction plans.

Goals: Provide students with green job skills around issues of campus sustainability and emissions reduction. Recruit and train students to be members of the GO! Team. Conduct outreach to campus buildings, departments, and student groups to offer GO! Team event, auditing, waste, and sustainability education services. Work with Campus Recycling and Refuse Services to develop an extensive composting system for campus. Assist campus in achieving zero waste by 2020. Provide audits (and therefore LEED credits) for buildings looking to achieve LEED EB Certification. Provide “trash-talking” services at campus events and ensure proper pick-up of compostable materials post-events. Give semesterly presentations of GO! Team’s achievements at BS@C end-of-semester Final Presentations.

Areas of Focus:

  • Waste and Energy Audits
  • Event Outreach
  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Diversion
  • Educational Outreach
  • Behavior Change

Final Poster


Accomplishments Summary