Reduction in Chemical Use at UC Botanical Garden

Project Leads: Chris Carmichal, Anthony Garza, Paul Licht

Sponsor: UC Botanical Garden

TGIF Grant: $15,000

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration & Native Landscaping

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2010 Application Submission

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Project Description: This project reduces chemical use in the UC Botanical Garden through a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program that utilizes organic methods, including the production and use of compost tea in garden beds and on the lawn.

Goals: Establish a compost tea brewing and application system. Continue to investigate and use organic fertility regimes and pest control through the use of beneficial insects. Publicize the organic methods to campus and the general population through garden education programs. Provide a working model for the reduction of horticultural chemicals on campus and in the larger community. Reduce and ultimately eliminate most chemicals, particularly fungicides and synthetic fertilizers, and therefore prevent toxic runoff from entering the Strawberry Creek watershed. Host staff from Ganna Walska Lotusland Garden to train UC Botanical Garden staff on compost tea brewing. Contribute to the 2009 Campus Sustainability Plan’s goal of “purchasing environmentally friendly products, minimizing use of toxic substances, and handling waste responsibly.”

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