Water Metering and Conservation

Project Leads: Lindsay Miller & Elliot Nahman

Sponsor: Berkeley Institute of the Environment

TGIF Grant: $58,600

Project Theme: Water Conservation & Tap Water

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: This project carried out phase II of 2009 TGIF Grant Project Water Metering and Sub-Metering of UC Campus Buildings by expanding the building scale metering to include eight additional buildings. The installations provide real-time online water metering of all water consumed in these campus buildings. The project also upgraded bathroom fixtures in these eight buildings to ultra-high efficiency rates. The project connected building meters to the Obvius System in Etcheverry, Valley Life Sciences Building, Stanley, Dwinelle, MLK Jr. Student Union, Cory, Soda, and Minor Addition.

Goals: Order and install meters that are compatible with the Obvius System. Work with the UC Campus Dashboard project to provide the Dashboard with real-time water-use data. Provide campus sustainability initiatives with water data and assist the campus in reaching water conservation goals. Attain progress and credits toward LEED EB certification of campus buildings. Help the University identify leaks and other water maintenance issues by providing the data. Save campus funding by avoiding human labor to manually read water meters. Educate the campus community about their water consumption habits. Assist CACS with its 2009-2010 focus on campus water issues.

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Accomplishments Summary