CITRIS Sustainability Champion Awards for Undergraduates

Project Leads: Jason Trager, Jacqueline Hsu, Paul Wright

Sponsor: CITRIS

TGIF Grant:

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

In Progress

Project Description: This grant will fund five student internships during summer 2013. Interns will be mentored by graduate students and partnered with environmentally-related companies to complete hybrid research-job training internships.

Goals: Assist undergraduate students gain employment in industry sectors with skills relevant to the world’s biggest challenges in the sustainability and environmental sectors. Demonstrate the utility of having individuals, who are trained in sustainability assessment and implementation, on staff in corporate environments, and do so through a combined education and internship promotion process. Place the program-accepted undergraduates into a year-long process of training, solving problems on campus, and interning on sustainability-related project at a corporate partner. Conduct a graduate student-led Sustainability Boot Camp, where the undergraduates will learn about several subject in sustainability business and policy assessment, as well as costing, accounting, and engineering principles associated with sustainability. Solicit corporate partners who will provide the sustainability internship and take-over funding the internship once TGIF funding has been expended.

2012-2013 Accomplishments

  • Advertised the program to UC Berkeley students. Hired four students for the positions.
    • Jacqueline Hsu hired as the Co-Coordinator and Lead Intern.
  • Distributed flyer with a call for companies and non-profits to host CITRIS Sustainability Champions for summer 2013 employment.
  • Four interns and four employers were matched:


Intern Employer
Jacqueline Hsu Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jenny Tang Brush with Bamboo
Crystal Sun KW Engineering
Camilla Gardiner Awesome Bars