Compost Alliance - Institutionalizing In-House Composting at Cal

Project Leads: Annie Gorden, Anna Szendrenyi, Aspen Flynn, Evelyn Hammid, Amanda Atkinson,  Amaia Schultz, Pamela Durr, Brian Gialketsis, Paul D’Eredita, Lin King, Nicole Cuellar, Stephanie Kinser

Sponsor: Compost Alliance; Cal Zero Waste (formerly Campus Recycling and Refuse Services, or CRRS)

TGIF Grant: $40,270

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Project Description: The grant will assist Compost Alliance in continuing compost implementation within campus buildings in order to reach “critical mass” and work with campus officials to institutionalize composting as an in-house operation. This project is a continuation of the 2011 TGIF Grant Compost Alliance- Bringing Compost to Campus Buildings.

Goals: Focus on the significant expansion of compost collection systems into many more buildings as well as the institutionalization of the Compost Alliance program within PP-CS and CRRS. Meet with building managers and custodians to garner support and understand their particular needs and inputs with regards to a compost program. Conduct preliminary waste audit and assessment. Implement compost system by working closely with staff and custodians and placing compost bins and signage in restrooms, kitchenettes, and common areas. Conduct education and outreach for building occupants and staff supporting the composting efforts.

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Accomplishments Summary