Recycling on Campus Tennis Courts

Project Lead: Annie Goransson, Emily McKeon, Lin King

Sponsors: Cal Athletics and Campus Recycling and Refuse Services

TGIF Grant: $1,386

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Status: Complete

Project Description: Funding will allow for the purchase of recycling bins for 21 campus tennis courts and the implementation of education, outreach, and donation programs for recycling and reuse of tennis equipment.

Goals: Install recycling bins at 21 UC Berkeley campus tennis courts. Conduct pre- and post-installation waste audits in conjunction with CRRS. Post recycling signage to assist court patrons with correct recycling behaviors and to support campus recycling education efforts. Increase the visibility and opportunities of recycling to the Cal tennis teams and club teams, as well as general patrons who use the tennis courts and tennis supporters. Support UC Berkeley in reaching its goal of zero waste by 2020. Investigate donation and take-back programs for used tennis balls and tennis equipment. Participate in RecycleMania. Collaborate with Cal Athletics and share practices with other Cal sports teams.