Water Conservation in the Cal Greeks Community Blue Cup

Project Leads: Patrick Smith, Marissa Vessels, Kristen Klein, Emily McKeon, Omsri Bharat, Angela Shen

Sponsor: Greening the Greeks and PowerSave Campus

TGIF Grant: $29,250

Project Theme: Water Conservation & Tap Water

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Project Description: This grant will fund a water conservation competition amongst the fraternities and sororities, the installation of water conservation retrofits & appliances, and an education & outreach program.

Goals: Launch an unprecedented effort to reduce water consumption in the Greek community during the Spring 2013 semester by creating an education and outreach campaign, installing water reduction retrofits, and launching water conservation competitions in the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council (PHC). Aim to involve 25 houses and see an average of 15% overall water usage reduction. Test the competition with a one-month pilot program during February 2013 and hold the actual competition during April 2013. Collaborate with PowerSave Green Campus and EBMUD on conducting water audits and installing water conservation retrofits. Train house Sustainability Chairs to give educational programs to their chapters. TGIF interns will install high-efficiency appliances and accessories (sink aerators, low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilet adapter kits) in participating chapters that were not eligible or serviceable by EBMUD water audits.