Refills Not Landfills

Refills Not Landfills

Project Leads: Claire Porter, Nick Cash, Morgan Fabian, Thomas Roccanova, Priyanka Mohanty

Sponsors: ReUSE, BYOM, and Campus Recycling & Refuse Services

TGIF Grant: $4,853

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

2013 Application Submission

Project Description: Refills Not Landfills will collaborate with local beverage sellers to create a stamp-card that can be used by customers who bring their own mugs for beverages. Each time a customer BYOM’s, s/he will receive a stamp towards a free drink, with a goal of incentivizing customers to “refill” or reuse, not “landfill”.

Goals: ReUSE seeks to integrate the efforts of BYOM into campus by providing an incentive to individuals who choose to reuse rather than dispose their beverage cups. The project will develop a stamp card and “Spot a Mug” coupon. The stamp card will reward students that use their reusable mug with a free drink after a number of purchases, while the coupon will award students with a free drink if they are spotted using their reusable mug on campus . The overall goal is to foster a culture of reuse by providing a reward for those who remember to bring their own mug when coffee hour hits. Instilling a behavior change in those individuals who have not taken a step to reduce their waste is another major goal.

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