Solar Powering Cal

Solar Powering Cal

Project Lead: Kira Stoll

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $60,000

Project Theme: Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Project Location

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Project Description: Solar Powering Cal will ensure student engagement in the campus efforts to install solar on selected campus buildings and will make TGIF a key partner in solar as a new reality at UC Berkeley. TGIF will also play a role in the larger regional effort to bring over 100 solar PV installations to public agency sites around the Bay Area.

Project Goals: The campus is currently reviewing 5 main-campus and 3 off-campus sites for solar panelling and the initial assessments are completed. These 8 sites combined have the potential to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 402 tons per year. With this grant, the hope is to provide funding for the financial gap that exists to ensure the development of Solar Purchasing Power Agreements on a maximum number of the proposed sites. This grant will help move the campus and the region forward in clean energy developments.

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