Climate Fix Radio and Podcast

Climate Fix Radio and Podcast

Project Lead: Ethan Elkind

Sponsor: Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the
Environment (CLEE)

TGIF Grant: $32,911.00

Project Theme: Education, Outreach, and Behavior Change

2020 Application

Project Description: Climate Fix is a 90 second “bite-sized” audio clip produced by a partnership between the UC Berkeley Schools of Law and Journalism, featuring timely climate interviews with compelling scientists, innovators, organizers, and leaders offering climate solutions and other examples of progress on climate change. Climate Fix will serve as the first UC Berkeley campus-wide media platform for climate-focused initiatives, leveraging the journalistic story-telling capacities of the Graduate School of Journalism with the research skills at the School of Law. The clips are designed to run weekly on radio stations, and as podcasts, both as a 90 second version and in more extended forms. Climate Fix episodes can also be shared via social media. All shows will be archived on the Climate Fix website, with links to related climate resources. Podcasts and the website will also feature full length interviews and extended segments with Climate Minute interviewees.

Goals: 1) Climate Fix seeks to raise awareness among the UC Berkeley campus and public at large about climate progress, including proven, practical solutions that have yet to achieve widespread deployment, new innovations, challenges faced by people who want to take action (like switching to electric appliances), unexpected discoveries, and interesting people, all in an entertaining and bite-sized presentation.

2) Climate Fix also seeks to elevate the profile of climate research at UC Berkeley. The shows are designed to be engaging and entertaining in order to reach a wide audience.