Haas Rechargable Battery Program

Haas Rechargable Battery Program

TGIF Award: $4,106.00*

*TGIF Spring Grants are a minimum of $5,000, but this particular project was able to cut some of the costs from their original budget amount.

Project Theme: Zero Waste

Project Sponsor: Haas School of Business- Sustainability Task Force

Project Description:

In an effort to continuously make significant strides towards true zero waste and in line with the university’s “Non-Essential Single Use Plastic Elimination by 2030 Policy”,  Haas would like to implement a rechargeable battery program that would be available to all Haas students, staff and faculty.  The impact of eliminating single use batteries and plastic packaging from the waste stream would make a huge impact not only on Haas’ carbon footprint, but on the university as a whole. This project would support our student population in reducing their personal single use battery waste at both the campus and personal level.  Batteries would be available for students to check out at key locations at Haas. Students can check out batteries for their school and home devices. Upon returning the dead batteries, we will swap out for charged ones.  At the end of the spring semester, students will return checked-out batteries so we can do inventory and replace missing batteries. This initiative would not only help to lessen waste school wide, but will continue to push the message that UCB is working to bring resources that make it easier for our students to make more sustainable behavioral changes.  Our expectation is that this becomes normalized, and students would then bring these practices into their personal and future career life.

Project Leaders: Danner Doud-Martin, Haas Staff & Mili Nakamura, Student lead

2021 TGIF Spring Application