Bechtel Terrace Technological and Educational Rooftop Garden

Bechtel Terrace Technological and Educational Rooftop Garden

Project Leaders: Alberto Ibarra, Leoncio Lagarde

Sponsor: Hispanic Engineers and Scientists

Project Themes: Firsts; Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

2021 Application Submission

Project Description:

The Hispanic Engineers and Scientists (HES) is a student organization that was established at UC Berkeley in 1974 and works to create a community amongst all Latinx engineering and science students. It is a collegiate chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers dedicated to being a resource for underrepresented Latinx students in the STEM field. HES offers professional and academic support, works to improve the holistic wellness of students, and are committed to diversifying the STEM field through community building, professional development workshops, and community outreach.

The HES organization is officially spearheading the transformation of the Bechtel Terrace rooftop to a grant-funded, community-based, and students of color-led edible garden. HES is an engineering registered student organization and this project is affiliated with the Berkeley Student Farms Coalition. This garden is stewarded by HES students and draws upon the unique expertise of HES members to design and innovate an irrigated, food-producing rooftop garden. As Latinx and HES students, this rooftop garden will not only provide healthy foods and hands-on experiences through urban agricultural practices, but also provide an inclusive, diverse, and safe space among the Cal community.

Project Goals:

Support the underrepresented Latinx/Hispanic STEM community

Create applied and experiential learning opportunities, especially through innovation and sustainability practices

Increase the accessibility and production of healthy foods —- fruits, vegetables, and herbal tea plants

Provide support for wellness and mental health through therapeutic activities.