Foodware Reusables at Haas

Foodware Reusables at Haas

Grant Amount: $49,690

Project Theme: Waste Diversion & Reduction, Education & Behavior Change

Project Sponsor: Haas Campus Sustainability

Project Description:

Single-use packaging leads to tons of unnecessary waste and has become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. Nearly 20 billion pieces of litter a year are from food-service disposables and only 9% of plastic produced was ever recycled. At UC Berkeley, hundreds, if not thousands, of single-use items are discarded at each catered event, leading to significant waste and carbon emissions. Today’s throw-away model is problematic at each step of the way. FoodWare is taking action to solve this issue.

The project aims to fully replace single-use food packaging for catered events by introducing a reusables service driven by a sustainability platform that will allow to easily measure the environmental impact of students, events and Haas, as well as a mobile app for students to conveniently collect & return reusables and track their individual impact.

Project Goals:

The goal is to eliminate all single-use food packaging at Haas and help reduce one of the biggest causes for climate change and environmental pollution. Specifically, the project aims to:

1) Provide reusables service to at least 10 Haas event, quantify impact and incorporate learnings to develop a reuse model that can be scaled across UC Berkeley to meet zero-waste goals

2) Educate and raise awareness among the UC Berkeley community on zero waste and the importance of reusables

3) Develop and test a sustainability platform

4) Advance Haas’ zero waste goals and reduce waste from single-use packaging.


Project Leaders: Romina Silva and Sandra Cuevas

Spring 2022 Final Application