Clark Kerr Restoration Project

Clark Kerr Restoration Project

Project Leads: Payton Zolck

Sponsor: Global Environmental Themed House (GETH), Cal Restoration

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

2022 Application Submission 

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to restore a small habitat of the Clark Kerr campus, replacing invasive non-native species with California native plants that support pollinators, and increasing the safety of the adjacent walkway near the restoration site. The project identifies invasive species as English Ivy grass, Blackwood grass, and Silverleaf cotoneaster grass; native species that are proposed for the restoration include native manzanitas, Toyon, Gowen cypress, shore pine, and Cleveland sage.

Goals of Project:

  1. Remove the non-native species in this small plot of land through weekend volunteer projects
  2. Design a native plant garden that will provide food for birds and pollinators 
  3. Plant native plants and support them until they are self-sustaining
  4. Create educational signage for the campus community