Save the Bees: Pollinator Restoration Project

Save the Bees: Pollinator Restoration Project

Project Lead: Esteban Contreras

Sponsor: Facilities Services

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration; Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

2022 Application Submission

Project Description:

This project seeks to create and restore pollinator gardens in vacant areas of the UC Berkeley Campus, while bolstering drought-tolerance of the campus landscaping by planting native plants. The project expands upon the existing GIS map of campus gardens, created by the Integrative Biology department, which catalogs the plant species found in different campus greenspaces.

Goals of Project:

  1. Restore campus greenspaces to promote drought-tolerance and pollinator habitat.
  2. Engage students in the opportunity to actively care and participate in hand-on
    restoration and service projects.
  3. Aid the campus landscape services team.