Multi-Family Housing Sustainability Retrofit Documentation

Multi-Family Housing Sustainability Retrofit Documentation

Project Leads: Patrick Smith, Kira Stoll, Michael Drummond, Joanna Perez-Green

Project Sponsor: Office of Sustainability, Berkeley Climate Action Coalition

TGIF Grant: $850

Project Theme: Education and Behavior Change

Application Submission

Project Description: Grant funding will be used to hire a student to produce content and still-photography documentation of the City of Berkeley Climate Coalition Multi-Family Working Group’s (MFWG) pilot multifamily housing energy retrofit program. The content and photo documentation of available energy retrofit resources will be edited and compiled into an efficient, but thorough, step-by-step instructional brochure for multi-family home retrofits for residents of multi-family homes in Berkeley. (These homes often include UC Berkeley students).

Project Goals: The goal of the pilot MFWG program is to produce an energy & water efficiency/waste reduction toolkit accessible to Berkeley property owners and tenants who are interested in exploring any form of building sustainability upgrade or retrofit. Creating and circulating this resource will develop a tool usable by far more property owners and tenants than Berkeley students or the MFWG could ever reach out to directly. These resources will be available to anyone who is interested in developing solutions for an area of urban housing that is traditionally difficult to reach and generate participation in and caters to large populations of students