Soil Remediation Education

Soil Remediation Education

Project Leads: Sara Cate Jones, Kate Kaplan, Kelly Archer

Project Sponsor: Student Organic Garden Association

TGIF Grant: $2,000

Project Theme: Food Justice and Sustainability

Application Submission

Project Description: The Student Organic Gardening Association will create an educational program and curriculum that details the processes behind remediating contaminated soil. This curriculum will be implemented in workshops and during the spring 2014 DeCal ‘Intro to Organic Gardening’.

Project Goals:

  1. Educate local and student gardeners on the different types of soil contamination, why soil contamination occurs, and how to remediate afflicted soil.
  2. Hold a series of workshops and classes that will highlight how to build “clean” soil, bind contaminants, and construct raised beds from various, locally sourced materials.
  3. Compile curriculum into a pamphlet that can be used by gardeners dealing with contaminated soils in their gardens.
  4. Build raised beds in the most affected areas within SOGA garden.

Final Report