Campus Bike Infrastructure Inventory

Campus Bike Infrastructure Inventory

Project Lead: Todd Henry

Project Sponsor: The Bicycle Committee

TGIF Grant: $2,000

Project Theme: Transportation and Urban Development

Application Submission

Project Description: Campus bike parking is currently at or near capacity during most days during the academic year, and access to bike parking is a critical need for encouraging more people to bike commute to campus. The goal of this grant is to update the campus bike parking inventory to reflect current bike parking conditions. This data collection will help identify areas that currently lack bike parking, areas with over-subscribed conditions, and support the campus’ efforts to document and improve its bike friendly university status. Immediately, the data can be used by Parking & Transportation’s website to inform people about bike parking locations. The bike committee also hopes to partner with Parking & Transportation and Real Estate to update the campus bike plan and construct new bike parking.

Project Goals:

  1. Create a geo-coded inventory of campus bicycle infrastructure (bike parking, etc)
  2. Quantify the number of bike parking spaces (and utilization) on the campus
  3. Use data to recommend future bike parking projects and support campus’ bike friendly university application

Final Report 

Final Poster