Compost Infrastructure in Fraternities

Compost Infrastructure in Fraternities

Project Leads: Justin Greenwald, Gabby Doerschlag

Sponsor: LEAD Center; CalGreeks

TGIF Grant: $652.29

Project Theme: Waste Diversion and Reduction

2018 Application Submission

Project Description: The Compost Infrastructure in Fraternities project aims to instill a reusable culture within Greek Life in order to make Greek Life more reflective of the City of Berkeley’s sustainability goals. The project will provide three fraternities, who agree to purchase compostable over red solo cups, the supplies and tools necessary to implement composting during social events. This includes bins and bin liners, informational signage, and manpower to collect, sort, and properly dispose of the compost.


  • Make all social events hosted by three fraternities compostable friendly
  • Eliminate the Red Solo Cup culture
  • Incentivize the purchase of compostable cups through subsidies or an IFC bylaw change
  • Increase sustainability efforts in the Greek community
  • Reinstate the city’s recycling services to Greek Row