Community Development Events, ASUC Office of Sylvia Targ

Community Development Events, ASUC Office of Sylvia Targ

Project Leads: Shuge Luo, Carly de Frondeville

Sponsor: ASUC Office of Sylvia Targ

2019 Application Submission 

Project Description: The Community Development department of ASUC Senator Sylvia Targ’s Office works on creating spaces that foster inter eco-community connections as well as broader outreach for the overall campus. We aim to run a Sustainable Living Expo and an Eco Community Summit. The Expo mobilize members of the campus who are sustainability minded but may not take tangible action due to external barriers. The focus is on basic principles to guide sustainable decision making and cover tips to make individual changes within fashion, food and waste management. This summit aims to celebrate the achievements of the eco-community, as many of our student leaders and members put in countless hours of labor. The summit uplifts the community by recognizing and acknowledging the work of different groups who may not all be aware of each others’ work throughout the school year. The event will take place in a large campus space and will have a poster detailing various org’s achievements and updates for the year. We will then share in a delicious meal and organize across groups for the upcoming school year.

Goals of Project:

  • mobilize campus members who are sustainability oriented but would like to do more
  • reach out to individuals who may not be involved formally in an environmental org or course of study.
  • dispel the myth of the “necessity” of the zero waste “starter pack” that are unaffordable and unsustainable to produce.
  • reduce duplicate work that is being done in Berkeley’s environmental community
  • a one time event to coordinate across groups
  • document and communicate our progress + accomplishments
  • celebrate and uplift one another