Earth Action Initiative

Earth Action Initiative

Project Leads: Nanticha Lutt, Neem Patel

Sponsor: Graduate Assembly

TGIF Grant: $16,000.00

Project Theme: Environmental Justice; Education & Behavior Change

2019 Application

Project Description: Our vision is to foster a community of people on and around campus to take direct climate action, and help reduce the barrier to action for others. The goal is to demonstrate meaningful climate action is possible, especially for students and community members, and provide a roadmap of how that can happen. To execute the Earth Action Initiative vision, EAI will organize a variety of events and actions that build community, leverage existing efforts, inspire new plans, and find innovative ways to communicate with each other. The work throughout the year will culminate in a spring 2019 conference featuring graduate student organized workshops and a climate art show. The workshops cover a variety of climate and environmental topics. EAI engages a variety of issues, such as; responsible personal and business consumerism, environmental justice, local policy and activism, and technological advancements. A point of distinction is that each workshop has an associated action, which will take place on the day of, or 1-2 weeks following the event. These actions strengthen the community, acts as an example of what is possible, and results in measurable outcomes. The Earth Action Art Show is an extension of EAI’s larger mission to cultivate creative endeavors around a culture of climate justice. Raw climate data can be overwhelming and difficult to internalize, we hope that art can provide an evocative, intimate experience to connect with, and be inspired by. The art show is a critical communication tool, and a means to assemble groups that may not regularly interact on the essential topic of climate change.

Goals: 1) Build diverse communities focused on a variety of climate issues

2) Train students and community members on how to be effective environmental and climate activists

3) Execute direct climate justice actions that benefit our local communities and strengthen larger networks

4) Cultivate climate and environmental culture through art and creative endeavors