Project Idea

Project Idea
Campus Outdoor Composting Bins Vermicomposting
Campus to Dining-Hall Farm Campus Irrigation Inventory
Personal and Sustainable Investing Personal and Sustainable Investing
Workshop Campus Bathrooms Inventory
Campus Custodial Closets Inventory Solar-Powered Generators for
Campus Concerts and Events Campus Concerts and Events
Outdoor Events Zero Waste Program Big Belly Solar Waste Compactors
Incorporataing Sustainability Incorporataing Sustainability
Into Campus IT Practices Regenerative Campus Project
Campus Building Benchmarking Campus Building HVAC Inventory
Bike Parking E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Project
Biodiesel Production UC Berkeley Bus Ad and Bus Stop
Sustainability Education Campaign Sustainability Education Campaign
Vertical Wall or Roof Gardens End of Year Move-out: ReUSE and
Recycling Program Recycling Program