University Hall: Going Green! Project Timeline

Summer 2008 Materials purchased for window film.
Fall 2008 BS@C students conducted a survey of break room and personal appliances, identifying potential replacements for old, non-energy efficient models. Individuals with personal appliances (focusing on refrigerators) were encouraged to instead share appliances with larger populations.
Began developing website content; discussed with IST the potential for having their department create the website. Determined that having IST involved in design was too expensive.
Winter 2008 Held the first Green Coffee Hour for University Hall, showcasing task lighting and sustainable practices.
Summer 2012 Outreach was conducted to various departments who owned appliances identified as needing to be replaced. Replacements were made as necessary, including:
Room 140 previously had 2 personal refrigerators with a combined 911 kwh/year (estimated). These refrigerators were replaced with one 18.2 ft3 standard refrigerator (energy star certified) with an estimated 383 kwh/year.
Room 171 previously had 4 personal refrigerators and one standard size refrigerator with a combined kwh/year of 3269 (estimated). This was replaced with one energy star refrigerator with an estimated 400 kwh/year.
The School of Public Health Library had one standard size refrigerator that was manufactured in 1984; this refrigerator used an estimated 1345 kwh/year and was replaced with an energy star certified 18.2 ft3 standard refrigerator with an estimated 383 kwh/year.
The 3rd floor had 2 older standard size refrigerators replaced with energy star models and had an older, large coffee maker replaced with a new smaller version as well as an energy efficient hot pot.
The refrigerator in 615 was replaced with a 4.09 ft3 energy star qualified refrigerator which uses approximately 270 kwh/yr.
The 2nd floor had older, non-energy star compliant refrigerator (Haier Model BC-111) 4 replaced with a 4.4 ft3 Danby energy star model which uses 275 kwh/year.
Spring 2009 Met with Innovative Design, a student design group interested in designing the University Hall website. Unfortunately Innovative Design was not available in the summer and the lack of content slowed progress- website project was cancelled.
Summer 2009 Window film application was tested in one office. Occupant reported rave reviews.
Fall 2009 A sign-up sheet for "DIY" window film was circulated. Efforts were made to provide the DIY volunteers with training and materials for window film application. This effort resulted in a decrease in volunteer enthusiasm after seeing the amount of skill and effort involved.
Winter 2009 Second Green Coffee Hour held.
Spring 2011 – Summer 2011 Student intern hired to coordinate sustainability education for University Hall. Student intern was able to produce monthly newsletters, FAQ sheets and posters for the building.
Fall 2011 Window film installation completed by GO! Team. A total of 12 offices had window film installed on the 3rd floor.