External Funding Sources

TGIF funding may not be the best fit for every project, but that doesn’t mean that your project won’t get funded.  Check out these campus programs to see if they are a better fit for your project!

Please check the links below for the most updated information on eligibility and deadlines.

LEAD Center Funding Guidance

Student Group Funding from the ASUC: The ASUC is responsible for allocating student activity fee money ($27.50 per student per semester) to student organizations. All RSOs are eligible to apply for these funds.

Student Organization Green Certification funding: RSOs are eligible for up to $300 in reward money (no strings attached on usage) after becoming a certified sustainable organization.

Ethnic Studies’ 5th Account: Funds are available for student group projects, activities or events that are ethnic-specific and educational to the general campus community.

ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP) Grants: Student groups who wish to put on programs or events that will benefit the larger Cal community may apply for these funds.

  • Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF)
  • ADA Accessibility Fund (ADAAF)
  • Arts and Creativity Fund (ACF)
  • DeCal Fund (DCF)
  • Educational Equity and Excellence Fund (EEEF)
  • Intellectual Community Fund (ICF)
  • Multicultural Fund (MCF)
  • Public Service Fund (PSF)

Graduate student funding: The Graduate Assembly Funding Committee allocates funds to student organizations that are made up primarily graduate students at the beginning of each semester.

  • Graduate Meetings, Events, and Resources (GMER) Funds: Provide support for meetings and the general operations of a graduate student group.
  • Grants: Fund events, projects, and activities in the areas of student activism, campus diversity, community service, and educational improvement.
  • Publication Funds: Provide funding for student journals and student group newsletters.
  • Contingency Funds: Provide funding for events, projects, or activities that (a) could not be anticipated and applied for in the normally scheduled funding application process; (b) occur outside the regular funding round timelines, i.e. during academic breaks from December to January and May to August; or (c) are not covered under other categories.
  • Professional Development Fund: Provides funding to graduate students presenting at conferences, either in person or virtually

Student Opportunity Fund: Student Opportunity Funds are granted to provide support for events and activities, both co-curricular and academic, that are planned by and for Cal Students.

Student Technology Fund: Funds are available for student technology projects.

Berkeley Wellness Fund: The Wellness Fund supports wellness services and programming for students, as well as renovations, furnishings, and alterations to existing spaces required to support these new wellness programs.

UC Berkeley Public Service Center Student Initiated Community Projects: This sponsorship provides groups with leadership training, advising, and a grant to finance their service activities.

College of Natural Resources Travel Grant: CNR Students participating in independent research projects outside of those being organized through an internship, study abroad, research, or service program can receive funding to cover expenses during these trips.  The maximum award varies depending on whether travel is interstate, intercontinental, or international.

Big Ideas @ Berkeley: The Big Ideas Contest provides funding, support, and mentorship opportunities to students with novel, impactful ideas in a variety of categories.

Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund: Provides funding for innovative community-campus partnerships designed to improve the quality of life for Berkeley residents. Berkeley-based collaborative projects that focus on arts and culture, community safety, economic development, environmental stewardship and education are encouraged to apply. Proposed projects must include at least one university and one Berkeley community partner.

StopWaste Grants and Loans: Nonprofits and businesses located in and/or serving residents of Alameda County can apply for funding to reduce their waste and encourage waste-reduction programs.

Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding at Berkeley is a great option to raise money for your organization.  Students are able to set up month-long campaigns to raise money through the online portal.

Greek Opportunity Fund: The ASUC may fund fraternities and sororities that are members of the certain campus councils: IFC, PHC, NPHC, or MCGC events that focus on community service, educational enhancement and more.

CACSSF Student Services Fee Discretionary Fund: Offers funds for campus units that provide co-curricular student services and student groups (via ASUC and Graduate Assembly Executive Officers) that impact the student experience.

The Big C Fund (Campus Climate, Community Engagement, and Transformation): Provides funding for student-initiated diversity, multicultural and equity projects and programs for graduate and undergraduate students and communities.

BIG GIVE: Participate with the BIG GIVE, Berkeley’s one day online fundraising campaign.  This is your student group’s chance to solicit donations from members, friends, family, and more.  Sign-ups happen in the Fall semester through the LEAD Center.