Mini Grant 2013

Berkeley Student Food Collective Fresh Produce Refrigerator

Project Description:This proposal requests $2,000 to contribute to the purchase of a 6-foot self-contained open product produce refrigerator. The loan will be paid back in 10 months.

TGIF Award: $2,000(LOAN)

Berkeley Student Food Collective Operational Sustainability Intern

Project Description:Funding requested for a paid student intern within the Collective who will synthesize store-related data gathered by already-funded interns (and volunteer members) into concrete ways in which the Food Collective can increase its capacity to customers.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Blake Garden ADA Path with Native Plant Garden & Viewshed

Project Description: Blake Garden planted a native drought tolerant garden around the newly constructed ADA accessible path connecting the event lawn with the new handicap bathroom in the education center. The ADA path enabled more people to directly experience nature and a viewshed to Cerrito Creek all the way to the San Francisco Bay.

TGIF Award: $1,500

Coastal Prairie Restoration and Commemoration

Project Description: Funding requested to complete two restoration projects that seek to restore California native plant species and habitat through the collaboration of UC Berkeley students and local community volunteers. The projects will take place in the Grinnell Natural Area and near the West Oval Glade.

TGIF Award: $1,500

College of Chemistry Chemical Reuse Facility Expansion

Project Description: Funding requested for a paid student intern to assist with the implementation of a College of Chemistry reuse program for lecture bottle‐size compressed gases.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Community: A Garden Projec

Project Description:Funding requested to transform an unused garden space at Clark Kerr Campus into  a sustainable community garden which the residents of Clark Kerr can use both as a recreational space and as an organized garden to grow their own vegetables.

TGIF Award: $1,200

Designated Reuse Bins

Project Description:Funding requested for the purchase of six industrial bins on wheels to be used for reuse/move-out campus projects.

TGIF Award: $1,966.56

Ohlone Ethnobotany Garden (Discontinued)

Project Description: The Ohlone Ethnobotany Garden project aims to work with the Ohlone community to create a gathering space in an area upland of Strawberry Creek within the Grinnell Natural Area of the UC Berkeley central campus that will also serve as an educational resource regarding the Ohlone community’s indigenous land management practices and uses of native plants.

TGIF Award: $800

Food Bikery Prototype (Discontinued)

Project Description: Prototype a licensable food bike that can be used by the Food Collective as the prototype model for the Food Bikery - a cooperative of food bikes that can be used as legal foodservice platforms in the Bay Area.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Fostering Community: Clark Kerr Lawns to Meadows (Discontinued)

Project Description: Funding requested to convert an underused lawn on Clark Kerr campus into a more student-friendly area with native drought-resistant plants, modeled after the TGIF funded Lawns to Meadows project.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Installing Recycling Bins at Clark Kerr Dorm Rooms

Project Description:Funding requested to install recycling bins in 327 residence hall rooms at Clark Kerr.

TGIF Award: $1,700

LED Lighting Retrofit for the C.V. Starr-East Asian Library

Project Description:As part of an energy-efficient equipment upgrade strategy in the C.V. Starr – East Asian Library, the project leader will replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

TGIF Award: $600

Local Composting & Native Plants Efforts at Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike)

Project Description:Pi Kappa Alpha will purchase two compost tumblers to create organic material and use the compost primarily to regenerate top soil and invigorate vegetation at the fraternity's property.

TGIF Award: $546.56

Stop Waste in Sororities

Project Description: Funding is requested to close the gap in the recycling and composting bins needed throughout the Cal Greek Sororities. 

TGIF Award: $1,103.32

Student Organic Garden Education Fund

Project Description: The TGIF Mini Grant will enable the facilitators of the Intro to Organic Gardening DeCal to provide students with a more complete garden education that they can use to further their own involvement in urban agriculture.

TGIF Award: $1,996.46