2010 Grant Awards

2010 Bike to Work Day Regional Sponsorship

Project Description: Fund regional sponsorship for Bike to Work Day 2010.

TGIF Award: $2,500

BERC Energy Symposium 2011

Project Description: Sponsor the 2011 UC Berkeley Energy Symposium, a clean energy conference.

TGIF Award: $5,000

Bottle Refill Station Installation and Design Guidelines for Existing Buildings

Project Description: Develop design guidelines and install two bottle refill stations in Dwinelle and MLK Student Union.

TGIF Award: $27,000

Cal Habitat Restoration Student Leadership Training

Project Description: Program to train students to promote and lead volunteer habitat restoration events.

TGIF Award: $17,000

Custodial Staff Outreach 2010-2011

Project Description: Conduct an outreach/education campaign between custodial staff and building occupants.

TGIF Award: $15,000

End the Cycle - Sustainable Laundry Campaign

Project Description:  Implement a sustainable laundry education campaign in the residence halls.

TGIF Award: $3,100

Greening Kroeber Art Studios and Bathrooms

Project Description:  Develop a design/marketing campaign to create awareness in Kroeber Hall about sustainability.

TGIF Award: $5,000

I Heart Tap Water Campaign

Project Description: Hire two interns for the I Heart Tap Water campaign.

TGIF Award: $4,500

Mobilizing Sustainability at Berkeley - The Greening Operations (GO!) Team

Project Description: Fund a group of students to provide building audits and green event outreach on a case-by-case basis.

TGIF Award: $8,800

Reduction in Chemical Use at the UC Botanical Gardens

Project Description: Establish a compost tea brewing and application program as part of a pest management program.

TGIF Award: $15,000

Retrofitting the RSF into a Human Powered Gym

Project Description: Retrofit a stationary bike and 28 ellipticals at the RSF to derive power from human use.

TGIF Award: $15,000

Teaching, Learning, and Change (TLC)

Project Description: Create year-long career training and mentoring effort for students and staff.

TGIF Award: $16,650

Water Metering and Conservation

Project Description: Install water meters in 8 more buildings and increase water publicity/education.

TGIF Award: $58,600

Wurster Hall Sub-Metering

Project Description: Install energy sub-meters in five floors of Wurster Hall to help achieve LEED-EBOM.

TGIF Award: $56,000