Recycling at Cal Program

Project Leads: Michal Shuldman, Theron Klos, Lisa Bauer

Sponsor: Campus Recycling & Refuse Services (Now Cal Zero Waste) & Grounds Services

TGIF Grant: $55,000

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

2009 Application Submission

Project Description: This project will design, label, and install multi-material receptacles for collection and recycling of beverage containers, mixed paper, and landfill waste in multiple strategic outdoor campus locations.

Goals: Design and test new outdoor recycling bins that meet the aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic needs of the campus community. Conduct pre-implementation surveys that gain feedback on priority locations for recycling bins and measure the level of recycling knowledge and awareness that exists on campus. Measure and record campus diversion rates pre- and post-implementation of the project. Collaborate with Grounds Services and Campus Recycling and Refuse Services. Assist campus in reaching zero waste by 2020. Conduct post-implementation surveys to measure any improvement in recycling knowledge and awareness of the campus community. Make sure 100% of landfill receptacles have adjacent recycling receptacles to promote campus to sort their waste materials. With the installation of 75 new bins, we estimate a diversion rate of 136,500 lbs per year, a savings of 9964.5 kgCO2 per year.

Final Report

Post-Waste Audit Report

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