Carbon Crew: A Diversified Approach to Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Crew: A Diversified Approach to Carbon Neutrality

Project Leads: Dante Gonzales, Sage Lenier

Sponsor: Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC); Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $9,250

Project Theme: Environmental Justice

2019 Application

Project Description: Carbon Crew was established in Fall 2018 to redefine the role of carbon neutrality in campus engagement through the work of three teams: Food Team, Campus Engagement Team, and CO2RE (CO2 Reduction and Education Team). Focused on institutionalizing plant-forward dishes that are healthy, cheap, and less carbon intensive than regular meals, Food Team hosts regular plant-based sampling events geared towards redefining Cal Dining’s menu cycle by incorporating student interest, chef experience, and Cal Dining leadership to lower our carbon emissions. The CO2RE team is working to create K-12 curriculum in an effort to engage and educate the next generation on carbon impacts and climate resilience, piloting the curriculum with local elementary and high schools. Lastly, Campus Engagement uses a combination of digital outreach and on-campus events to encourage behavior change for reduced carbon emissions and carbon footprints.

Goals: 1) Campus Engagement seeks to jumpstart and continue an ongoing dialogue of environmental sustainability in the Berkeley campus community

2) Food Team will focus on decarbonizing the Cal Dining menu, having a direct impact on the purchasing practices of Cal Dining while responding to student demands, improving chef work environments, and lowering costs;

3) CO2RE Team will work to initiate the next generation into a climate-conscious society to better prepare them for climate adaptation and resilience.