TGIF Accomplishments

The Green Initiative Fund at UC Berkeley has long been a nationally-recognized leader in campus-fee based sustainability programs. We’ve also funded many ‘Firsts’ on campus, propelling our campus’s sustainability and environmental justice efforts forward. Scroll down to learn more about some of TGIF’s many accomplishments.


This is Kim Lapean holding a I heart tap water sign

TGIF Funds the first campus-wide campaign to encourage tap water consumption on campus. This campaign educated students, staff, and faculty about the quality of Berkeley tap water and encouraged the usage of reusable bottles over plastic water bottles. 


Green Fund collaborative campaign

TGIF joins five other universities to create the Green Fund Collaborative, providing guidance and consulting for other colleges and universities to create their own campus green funds.


SERC Group Official

TGIF has its biggest year ever, funding three novel programs to further develop sustainability programs for students on campus. First, students advocated for and received funding to form the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) with the vision that SERC would be a resource center for students working on environmental sustainability projects, programs and initiatives on campus. Second, TGIF funded the Zero Waste Research Center (ZWRC) to begin addressing upstream solutions to the Zero Waste by 2020 Initiative. Finally, TGIF also funded the Nature Village Sustainable Living program initiative to begin addressing sustainability in the UC-owned University Village in Albany, CA, just northwest of campus.