Application Best Practices

TGIF projects are chosen each semester by a majority vote of the voting membership of the TGIF Committee, after careful review of application materials and expert guidance provided by the TGIF non-voting Committee members and the TGIF Team. While each TGIF season is unique, TGIF grant applicants may find the following guidance useful as they are refining their grant package.

TGIF Committee Considerations

Each semester, the TGIF Committee reviews and provides feedback on each TGIF application. While the Committee does not use a formal rubric, we do ask that the TGIF Committee provide feedback based on the following categories and questions. 

  • Project Clarity and Implementation Strategy

  • Innovation & Campus Connection

  • Environmental/Social Justice

  • Budget & Timeline

  • Student Participation

  • Measuring Success

Components of a Successful TGIF Grant Application

  • Project Narrative

  • Budget 

  • Metrics

  • Timeline

  • Project Approval Form

  • Environmental Justice Supplement (optional)