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Background image: Students at UC Berkeley at the ASUC Senate Chambers for a General Assembly meeting

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TGIF Community Quotes & Photos

SURG Redwood Restoration Project 
“One student (a freshman) said that they were able to get their summer internship due to their experience with this project” 

Second Annual Food Relatives Conference
“The Food Relatives conference was able to give explicit focus on alternative food relations outside of Industrial agricultural practices in order to amplify existing decolonizing and indigenizing movements that may improve Food Systems across all Global Directions, such as Indigenous and Black stewardship, alternative food systems, and sustainable ecologies.”

Bechtel Terrace Technological and Educational Rooftop
“Our garden is stewarded by the HES students and draws upon the unique expertise of our members to design and innovate an irrigated and vibrant rooftop garden. “

Eight students smile at the camera on stage in front of press conference signs for COP 27

Students pose after hosting a press conference at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. 

UC Botanical Garden Crops of the World Internship
“My hope is that going forward, students will make this garden their own. I hope students are able to explore their interests in food, the intersection of food and politics, sustainability, and their own identities (in addition to picking up some horticultural skills).”

Students and staff gathered in nature

Students gathered at a 2021 workshop hosted by the Circularity Community Project, where they celebrated the launch of the Guide to Community Resilience, and discussed eco-anxiety through the lens of environmental justice. 

Latinx in Their Elements Spring 2021
“A huge accomplishment we saw through Latinxs in their Element was helping students in creating research for the first time. Through this success, we de-stigmatized research for these students and made it a familiar territory so that if interested they will be more inclined to partake in different research labs.”

Students gathered as a part of a TGIF project

Students and community members look at prototypes for headed and cooled chairs, which aim to provide relaxation while enabling cost and energy savings for campus buildings

Student practicing proper pruning techniques with the Berkeley Student Farm's Land Use Group in 2019.

Student practicing proper pruning techniques with the Berkeley Student Farm's Land Use Group in 2019.